Speech & Language Therapy 

At Bettws Lifehouse we support all of our pupils to make progress in their social communication, receptive and expressive language skills. All staff who work with our pupils have skills, knowledge and understanding of social communication and developmental language disorders that affect our pupils.

The staff team receives regular update training from specialist children’s Speech & Language Therapists. Up-to-date training ensures staff continually increase their understanding of communication issues, such as auditory memory & processing, word retrieval, understanding word meaning & linguistic concepts, making inferences, and following instructions. Training equips staff with fresh ideas, tools and techniques for modifying their language and for improving our pupils’ understanding and communication. 

Supported by a specialist children’s Speech & Language Therapists, our pupils’ communication needs are identified. All pupils are encouraged to explore a range of verbal and non-verbal strategies to support effective communication and to improve their communication skills. This in turn supports their emotional responses and regulation. Targeted intervention and activities are incorporated into their curriculum.