The Hub

About the Hub

Every  pupil at the hub follows a bespoke curriculum, with the initial focus being entirely on  engagement, and on their emotional and social curriculum. Building a sense of safety and a few positive key relationships is the first step.  

A Hub pupils’ Lifehouse Learning Pathway centres around the preparation for adulthood curriculum, with a curriculum aimed at developing positive attitudes to learning and that supports progress towards a pupils personal Long term outcomes from their Education, Health Care Plan. Subject curriculum areas and subjects for qualification are introduced as the pupil begins engagement.

  Hub staff draw on a bank of micro-schemes of work and create personal micro-schemes to engage pupils in learning. Subject learning then follows lower school schemes of work and Qualification learning draws on the Upper School Qualification Curriculum schemes of work, as it becomes appropriate to draw on formal schemes of work for an individual pupil’s curriculum.  

The learning pathway and curriculum for each Hub pupil is initially identified for the medium term only – for one academic term at a time initially. The plan is reviewed throughout the term and in a formal review at the end of each term, next steps are identified. Formal learning is integrated into the curriculum at a pace appropriate for that individual pupil, and learning pathways are extended to year long plans when it is appropriate to plan in the long term for an individual pupil.