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Becoming A Lifehouse Student

PRIVATE PLACES are available if parents are in a position to choose an educational route without the backing of the Local Authority. Our setting would undoubtedly provide an excellent preparation for life for many young people, allowing a very individual curriculum, specific attention to detail and difficulties and opportunity to balance academia and personal growth. 

If your parental values include ensuring a day has a wide variety of focus, including both the natural world as well as the classroom, then we could be the ideal choice for your child. You may think that your son or daughter would benefit from a specifically tailored timetable that includes particular areas of strength or interest to balance the academic pressures. Many children do not manage well in the highly competitive, and league table focused schools that are offered locally, and would actually perform better where staff were able to enable them to progress by viewing their education from their child centred perspective.  

Discussion with parents to inform staff and a holistic view of their learning pathway would enable your child to reach their academic potential, whilst also encouraging self awareness, personal growth and honing individual strengths into realistic roads for the future. 

Local authorities place pupils after consultation with parents, previous educational settings and other involved professionals. If a pupil has been identified as needing a specialised provision, and all the mainstream and county run provisions are unable to meet their needs, the authority will consider other options and share suggestions with parents and carers. After an initial visit, and everyone being given the chance to consider if a place at The Lifehouse may be appropriate, discussions to move forward begin. 

The majority of pupils have statements of special educational needs, and whilst this is not an absolute requirement, it is true that you are unlikely to get the support from an authority without these needs already being recognised officially. 

There may be a short wait for a place at The Lifehouse, but this is totally dependent on the current cohort of pupils and how many we have on roll.  We have a ceiling of 50 pupils, but we always consider how well another pupil will be able to fit in with our already established young people, and ensure that someone new has the best chance of success in their new setting. Most pupils are offered an assessment term prior to everyone involved (parents, authorities, other professionals, us) decide that The Lifehouse is the right place.

Each referral is considered individually and looked at to make the right decisions for the child, the family and for the whole dynamic management of the pupils already being educated to Bettws Lifehouse. Capacity changes from year to year so initial enquiries will lead to discussion that take many factors into account. 

The admission process is usually done through the Local Education Authority that manages your child's EHCP. If you, or the LEA have identified The Lifehouse as a potential school, then we will be sent through all the relevant documentation to consider and appraise.  

If we feel we could meet your child’s needs then you will be invited over to visit and meet key staff.  Once the placement has been confirmed, we work together with families to ensure that the transition in process is as smooth as possible. Routes of contacts are established and we work together to make sure that anxieties are kept at a minimum.